Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

Managed Cloud Servers

Are you a developer, in need of┬áregular test servers, but you don’t want to run your own Google Compute Engine or Amazon Web Services account? Do you need to run ‘off-premise’ servers, but you’re not sure about all the technical details? Whatever the reason you need a cloud server and have ended up here on this page, we’re happy to see you.

We got into Cloud technology when it all sprang to life back in 2006 with AWS. Since then, we’ve worked with leading players, all over the world and we’ve used almost every cloud provider there is out there. We have accounts with all of the major cloud providers and we’re always happy to talk about opening an account with a new one, if that’s where you specifically need your server to be.

Our job here, is to do the heavy lifting for you, we pay the bill, then bill you for the cost, our time, our expertise and our technology, all you have to do, is give us the specification of the server you need, where you need it and when and we’ll do the rest. We make sure the server is secure and only let’s in the traffic it needs. If you need to connect over a VPN, we’ll set that up too.

It doesn’t really matter why you need a cloud server, if you need one and don’t want the hassle of setting it all up yourself, Brighter Web are the people to talk to.