Email Hosting

Email Hosting


Whatever your email solution currently, whatever the needs of your business, Brighter Web can provide a fast, reliable and affordable email solution to suit.

With more than a decade of experience, deploying and managing both Corporate and SME email servers, of all shapes and sizes, with all manner of connectivity requirements, if you need a new solution, or even if you’re not sure, but you’re curious about how your email solution could be better, you should get in touch.

Email in the Cloud

Are you tired of paying for your email server on-site? Loathing the astronomical cost of hardware, of the ridiculous energy bill the server sucks up? Maybe you need your employees to get their email, wherever they are in the world and on whatever device they are using at the time, but you don’t want to open up your premise firewall? Whatever reason fits you, Brighter Web specialise in Cloud Hosting Solutions for Business.

Whether you need your own server, with secure connectivity back to your premise, or you’re a small business who doesn’t want a ‘mybusiness@gmail’ type email address, Brighter Web can offer you a service you can depend on.