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File Solutions

Files Everywhere

Most businesses have a need to share files at some point or another, but unfortunately, many businesses are still using old, problematic and unreliable methods of doing so, or they’ve been sold something that’s overly complex and time consuming, just to share a file.

We take the complexity and hard work out of file sharing, because let’s be honest, sharing a file, should be just as easy, as sharing a picture on facebook, or a link on twitter, but with the confidence that it’ll be safe and secure.

  • Staff on the road, often need to send back pictures, or files they’ve produced whilst on the move, in a hotel, etc.
  • Remote workers need access to files all the time, to make sure they’re up to date on the latest information within your business
  • Third parties need access to documentation, but it’s not always desirable to just give them the keys to the castle.
  • Staff in your Glasgow office, still need to work on the same files as the staff in your Bradford or Cardiff office.

Whatever you need to share, wherever, however and for whatever reason you need to share it, we’ll set it up for you, secure it and make sure it’s available, 24/7. File sharing systems that benefit from High Availability, Low Pricing and Ease of Use, are one of our specialities, so talk to us now.